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The Gaia Story

Named after the Greek goddess Gaia, ancestral mother of all natural things, Gaia Urban Eatery has been created to offer exciting introductions to the delicious sensations of World cuisine. Featuring an irresistibly diverse menu of international vegetarian and vegan dishes created by chef, Pierre El Hajjar, the restaurant wows guests with the blending of flavours from around the globe. It is a menu unlikely to be matched anywhere.

Born to farming parents in his native Lebanon, Pierre El Hajjar began his career at the age of 8, making bread alongside his mother. It was a career from which he never wavered. Upon graduating from culinary school in 1999, Pierre earned rave reviews at many hotels and restaurants, becoming a certified Red Seal Chef. He has been honoured with the Pears Award for outstanding Nutrition Education and Health initiatives, and in 2017 was named Diversity Champion for reasons that have now become apparent to all.

Diversity never tasted so good.

Pierre’s passion is to seduce food lovers into a healthier, greener and sustainable life style through the exquisite flavours of his diversified dishes. As Pierre points out: “The Gaia philosophy explains that like all living organisms, we interact with our surroundings to form a synergistic system that affects the balance of life on Earth. It is a system in which what we eat plays an integral role.

“Eating vegetarian and vegan food created from Earth’s bounty—vegetables, legumes, spices and fruits—is one of the most enjoyable ways of living in harmony with nature. It is food that lies at the very root of human existence, uniting all of humankind: vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike.”
A rewarding new concept in dining.
Presenting natural food for a natural world, Gaia Urban Eatery extends benefits in health, energy, wellbeing, good feeling, and pride in taking care of the planet. Through its tantalizing alternatives to traditional food, vegetarian and vegan cuisine provides opportunities to discover something completely different within well-known food groups from Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Middle East, South America, and all ports in between... and all in one place.
Gaia's menu items are available for every occasion where natural energy is needed—breakfast, lunch, dinner/eat-in, take-out, delivery and catering—including vegetarian/vegan desserts and drinks.
Whoever knew that taking care of the planet could taste so incredibly good!

Be natural. Eat natural.

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You would never imagine that vegan food

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Here you will find the BEST flavours of cuisine from around the world!

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We use the freshest seasonal ingredients
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E Steele

Absolutely delicious vegan food and kind, authentic staff. Could not recommend this restaurant enough!

Fantastic service!

We use ONLY fresh seasonal ingredients, most of them were growing on PEI! 

Dwitya Rulhadi

I've tried a few items, and LOVE them all. Who knew vegetarian meals can be as tasty as a regular non veg meals! Def worth frequent visits.

Delicious food!

We use ONLY fresh seasonal ingredients, most of them were growing on PEI! 

Neil WXB

Very quickly becoming one of my favorite local restaurants.

Lorine Houde

This Ramen was so delicious!! Everything I have tried at Gaia's is very good!!

Larry Kennelly

Unique and delicious. Really nice people and great service

Delicious food and fantastic service!

We use ONLY fresh seasonal ingredients, most of them were growing on PEI! 

Emma mueller

very yum! ordered on skip. good serving sizes and very healthy options!


Be natural. Eat natural.